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Development of Unconscious Competence

Emotional Intelligence is extremely important to make highly productive decision-making in various business situations. After the training sessions the executives would be able to reflect following capabilities:Development of Unconscious Competence

  • How to keep emotionally cool and calm at adverse situations?
  • How to keep oneself always positive?
  • How to control our unconscious processes?
  • What are positive dimensions that should be there in our habit?
  • How to develop correct habit?
  • How to avoid our pretensions?
  • What makes us uncomfortable in interpersonal relations?
  • Finally How to make best decision in any given situation?

Development of Unconscious Competence

About the Model:

This model is based on Self- Diagnosis, Self-Counseling and Self Nurturing. The self- Diagnosis and counseling is developed on transactional analysis and the Self-Nurturing is developed on the basis of latest researches done in the area of Positive Psychology. This is integrated model and deals with application aspects of the following:

  • Various Ego states of an individual.
  • Life position of an individual.
  • Correlation between ego-states, life-position and strokes.
  • Role of external and internal stimulants.
  • Needs & Personality Traits
  • Attitude
  • Perceptual Schema
  • Emotional State
  • Belief
  • Source of decision.

Development of Unconscious Competence

Training Time Require: 4 Sessions in 2 full days.


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