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Training Programmes

Employee Assessment Programme

Everyone needs to be assessed – whether at work or in every day life. The assessment of an employee can improve their motivation and can help them to make useful suggestions about how their jobs can operate more effectively. After all, everyone needs encouragement and personal attention. At the same time, you can tell your employees where they need to focus.

Employee Assessment Programme

In most organizations employees are appraised by their immediate managers. However, assessments carried out at by senior staff allow an employee to talk with higher management who, in turn, can find out the views and attitudes of more junior staff first hand.
Alternatively, an employees' immediate superior could assess the employee and a more senior manager could comment on the report. This enables a senior manager to check staff and to monitor the assessment system.
ACCT provide employee assessment facility to corporate to assess qualitative aspects of their employees.

Assessment Tools

  • Assessment of leadership traits
  • Assessment of Achievement Motivation
  • Measurement of Emotional Intelligence
  • Aptitude Tests
  • IQ Tests


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