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Leadership Development Programme

Being good at "The process" is not good enough! Today, the modern manager needs to be good human being, creative, inspiring, motivating and have great interpersonal and people skills. In Leadership Development Programme SMS is providing just that; we specialize in helping managers/entrepreneurs to acquire skills, behavior and competencies to be able to drive performance through their teams in a motivating and empowering way.

We can help your managers to ……….

  • Transform themselves into "integrated human beings”
  • Tackle performance issues more effectively
  • Motivate and build their teams into high performing units
  • Coach and develop their staff regularly and consistently
  • Lead and implement their aggressive change agenda
  • Delegate work in empowering way
  • Improve their soft skills - working with others to achieve results
  • Develop world-class organizational culture

About the Programme

The Leadership Development Programme embraces three modules: Leadership Concepts, Leader as Integrated Human Being and Leadership Functions respectively.Leadership Development Programme

Module I: Leadership Concepts

Following concepts would be dealt in detail:

  • Complementary Leadership and Managerial Approaches
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Transparent Leadership
  • Nurturing Leadership
  • Empowering Leadership

Module II: Leader as Integrated Human Being

Before Performing Leadership Roles in the organization it is imperative to learn leader’s traits and develop emotional intelligence. This module is concentrating on following dimensions:

  • Leader Vs Non leaders
  • Signature Strengths
  • Emotional Intelligence

Module III: Leadership Functions

This module focuses on various leadership functions shown in the diagram of the module.

Leadership Development Programme

Training Time Required: 12 sessions in 6 full days


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